Sunday, December 21, 2014

Scoped out the Bright to Corryong leg of the Great Divide Hike and Fly

Wally and I had an opportunity to fly the Bright to Corryong leg of our grand Hike and Fly Adventure for next season. It was looking like a promising day so we got up to launch early to wait for an opportunity to get off the launch.
It had been over the back consistently all morning so we new we had to take any opportunity with puffs up the face to get off.

Wally got off first and as soon as he did the southerly rolled over the back and made for an interesting sinky ride out into the valley over the LZ. Wally found a good climb out in the cleaner air and got up well close to base.

Watching this I hesitated as I wanted to get around to the south side of the hill as soon as I could to get a climb. Well I was mistaken. When I got around to the south east side the wind came from the south west and I rode the bucking horse until I saw Brenny climbing on Emily ridge so I went back to join him. We both climbed out close to base experiencing a south east wind till we reached base where it was favouring to head to Corryong.

Wally was up early so he headed over to Gungl's Gully and grovelled for awhile but getting up again.

 I got up to base over near Mt. Porepunkah then over to Coral Bank in the Kiewa Valley. We both, Wally and I were taking different lines and were both lining up on two cloud streets heading straight for Corryong.

My track took a line closer to Gundarian  while Wally  took a line in tighter to the ranges.

Wally's Track:

Andrew's Track:

Thanks to Clara and Brenny for retrieving us from the Corryong Airstrip. Made the flight very comfortable and relaxing knowing we had a great crew following

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